Sunday, April 6, 2008

Mojo JoJo

A old rider once mentioned that you cannot chose your mojo, your mojo chooses you. I found this little dromedary camel in the street riding around this morning. I initially passed him up, but something told me to turn around and pick him up. Looking up some facts about camels I'm finding a lot of reasons to believe that this is an appropriate mojo. My height (6'1") is about the same height as a camel at the shoulder. Dromedaries are warmer climate camels, and I'm definitely more a fan of the heat than the cold. I tend to be able to ride quite a while without drinking a lot. Dromedaries are able to maintain speeds of 8-9 mph for hours at a time. As I tend to like endurance riding events, I also tend to maintain a steady speed for hours at a time as well. Taking all of this into account, this small camel is now my mojo. His name is JoJo.

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