Friday, April 23, 2010

TI v6 Packing list

Tossing this here in case anyone is interested and so I don't forget anything

Avid Torx tool
side cutters
electrical tape
zip ties
quick link
hunk of chain
bottle of chain lube
rubber gloves
spare shoe cleat
spare brake pads
extra bottle cage bolts
bottle of advil

6 tubes
6 c02 carts and inflater
patch kit
100 oz water bladder
4 water bottles
4 light batteries
two headlights
one tail light
cell phone
frame pump

toilet paper
flask of The Macallan 18 year
camel mojo
jade buddha mojo
Garmin 605 and external battery pack
cell phone

spare socks
spare gloves
spare hat
spare lenses for Oakleys

6 Garmin Francois bars
2 lbs of bacon
15 GU packets
8 tubes of Clif shot blocks
2 bottles of Boost

sense of humor
willingness to suffer

Tick tock...

Last minute prep for TI is just about complete. Thomson post is installed, computer is installed and set properly. Rear rack removed. Bolts checked and tightened. Driveline cleaned and lubed

Later today will be the finish of the charging, list checking and packing phase. Need to install some fenders too.

Saturday will be the ride phase.

Sunday will be the finish phase.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Getting closer

Bike is getting closer to being ready. I should have my Thomson setback post in the next day or so and the construction will be complete. Still up in the air on the rack. If I can snag an Ergon BC2 or BC3 yet this week, the rack will stay home. I've double wrapped the drops in order to try and keep hand fatigue at bay. I also moved the hoods down a bit further on the drops so the brakes are easier to reach. Here's hoping the body is ready for what is gonna be thrown at it in a few days.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Catch up post

Lots of stuff going on the last month, but not a lot of typing. Gonna just slap some stuff down so the 2 people that are reading this can see what I've been up to.

Ramped up the mileage over the last two weeks and have been feeling pretty good, if a bit tired. I didn't worry about whether it was gravel or pavement. Seat time of any sort is paramount right now to get the legs in shape.

Capped things off with camping trip out towards Panora with Squirrel, Jason Bouten, Sammy, and Skidmore on Friday. 85 miles of riding with a 50 lb trailer in tow made for a good workout, even at a medium pace. Ate some brats over a campfire and drank a few beers and just generally had a good time and enjoyed the early spring weather. The Hennessey Hammock worked out well for the trip. I'm actually going to need to find trees a bit further apart than I thought at first to hang it up. I also need to work on getting the line a bit more level so I don't sink down to one end of the hammock.

Parts for my Dos Niner have shown up at the shop, other than the rims for my wheels. Hope to get it all built up sometime soon (maybe during my TI rest week).

Fargo should be showing up at the shop this week as well. A little work to get that in shape but it will be worth it. The Fargo will be my steed for the TransWisconsin for sure. There's a slight chance I'll be using it for the Cheq 100 as well, but that would be fairly slim at this point.

In other news, my low back is out, so I'm going to be off the bike for a few days. Just about the worst time for it to happen as I really need to be getting consistent seat time in for the next 2 weeks. Better to rest now than break down in the middle of no where I guess.