Monday, June 30, 2008

Truckin' (like the do-dah man)

Heading out tomorrow morning for a 3 day tour of Iowa and east central Illinois. Everything I need for shelter, clothing and relaxation is loaded on the bike and ready to go. This is the first time that I've toured by bike, so I've likely packed too much stuff and over prepared. Better safe than sorry I guess. The weather is looking decent, if a bit warm. 260 miles to my destination, with the final day being close to 100 miles. This trip will let me trim out my load for RAGBRAI at the end of July. I'm planning on a sedate but reasonable pace so I can stop and enjoy a meal or take photos along the way. The severe flooding in the eastern part of Iowa has required multiple adjustments to my original route. I'm expecting to have to make some additional changes as I head south towards Muscatine. I had planned on riding along the Mississippi once I rode into Illinois. That plan has changed as well. Better luck next time I guess

Hope everyone has a good week and a good 4th of July holiday weekend.


Joe said...

Good luck Steve! I hope you have a long strange trip. No RAGBRAI for me this year. I'll be building a new garage that week.

Buckshot77 said...

Enjoy the trip man. It's as much about the trip to get there as the destination when you're moving that slow!

Squirrel said...

"East bound and down loaded up and bike'n" looks good brutha man! Safe trip see ya when yer back.