Thursday, August 21, 2008

All the Kings Horses...

and all of Greg's men have put my Monkey together again..

Bike is back from Rasmussen Bike Shop. Final total is unfortunately a lot more than I was expecting to spend. New XT rear mech , straighten the rear derailer hanger, new Specialized helmet, and new set of wheels. The wheels were a big surprise, but in talking to Sterling and Mike they were about ready to go any day. The braking surfaces were concave and they were having issues getting the rear wheel to even get back into true. Now I'm rolling on a set of black XT disc hubs, black spokes and some Salsa Delgado rims. I'm going to run rim brakes for the rest of the year and then likely put a set of Aid BB7's on so I'm running disks like the big boys. Thanks to the guys at Rassy's for getting things back together so quickly. Gravel road ride this weekend and then IMBCS #8 at the Center Trails on the 7th.

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