Saturday, November 22, 2008

Snowy Cranksgiving

About 50 or so riders showed up to take part in PRC's Cranksgiving event to collect items for the Food Bank of Iowa. I was hoping for more riders this year, but I think the snow that started falling an hour before the event scared a lot of people off. I watched the weather and decided to stick with my original plan and run my Cayne single speed for the event. The gearing is spot on for me and the area we were riding in and the snow wasn't sticking. The usual suspects showed up, and then some. Lou decided to just dress nice and bring some stuff to donate. Neither Pete or Squirrel made it this year. Cam and Julie showed up. Kyle Sedore made an appearance. Kent Carlson made his way to the event as well. I got there a bit early, snagged a yogurt and a pumpkin chai and spent the next hour socializing with people as they showed up.

We were given our lists outside and we were off in every direction. I decided to switch things up and run the big loop of MLK, Ingersoll, 42nd, and University in a clockwise direction. It meant that I took MLK downhill with only one thing in my backpack. I picked up heavier things as the ride went on, but by then I was on 42nd and University where the roads were flat. Even with the wet streets and the snow blowing every which direction, I had no traction issues and ended up 2nd in the single speed class. A couple of hours of socializing and some drinks followed while we waited for others to come in and for the prizes to be awarded and the swag give away to complete.

Kyle, Kirk and I left Mars cafe together and rode home until we neared Kyle's place, I pulled in about 4:30, popped the bike in the stand and gave it and the chain a quick wipe down. Gave the Monkey a quick once over before tomorrow's long mileage day. Was going to do gravel only tomorrow, but I might try and get some single track into the equation as well. We'll see how things go. 60 miles at Center doesn't seem like a bad way to spend a 50 degree November day. I'll just take it as it comes and ride what and where I feel like riding.


Pete Basso said...

Steve: My daughter came down with the flu and I wasn't able to ride in Cranksgiving, definitely next year.

Great to ride with you today, sure did turn out to be a perfect day. Hope you were able to make your hundy? See you out for the Turkey Day ride on Thursday. Talk to you soon.

Steve Fuller said...

No worries Pete. Just reporting the events of the day so all two of my local readers know what occurred. I got 40 in today, with a bit of it on pavement. Trails were getting greasy so I came home. I was going to head out to get another 20 in on gravel on the cross bike and I just decided to call it a day.

I think it's time to call it on the long gravel rides this year. Gonna scale back to Sunday dirt rides with my buds and some commuting for a while.