Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mental flush

By mileage and time on the trainer, I am sure that I have more time on the bike so far this year than I have in years past. For whatever reason, I don't feel that I'm as prepared for the upcoming race season as I should be at this point. I'm sure part of it is consistency. I'm not riding as regularly as I would like to be right now. I see a lot of people out putting in regular rides on the weekends, plus a ride or two in the middle of the week, or regular commutes. The cold certainly has something to do with it, as does my aversion to sitting on the trainer for hours on end. I know that if I spend too much time on the trainer, I'll be burned out before the race reason really gets here in late April. I'll need to be well rested and eager to be on the bike if I'm going to mentally make it through 200 and 300 mile events. I'm hoping that three days with Shockstar up in Decorah in a couple of weeks will provide a much needed boost to my drive and fitness.

On the brighter side of things, parts are on order to complete the build of my Salsa Dos Niner framset that I bought from Matt Gersib back in November. It's been a long, rough winter staring at the frame everytime I sit at my desk. The build is going to be made up of SRAM X0 with a Truvativ Noir crank for the driveline, Avid Elixr CR brakes, a Reba Race fork, and DT Swiss 240s and Stans Flows for the wheelset. I'm looking forward to getting the parts in and getting the bike built up (assuming that I can find the time to do so).

I've got some other shake ups planned for the stable this year as I find my niche in the two wheel world. More on those as they happen.

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Captain Bob said...

Well if anyone can give you a boost it would be ben. He's a great guy who can REALLY ride! Hope it's a hoot.