Tuesday, May 3, 2011

TIV7 Photograph Usage

I have received emails regarding the photographs that were taken during TIV7. I wanted to answer those questions here.

If you took part in this year's race, you are welcome to any photos that I have taken of you. The ones posted to my TIV7 set on Flickr have been resized so they uploaded quickly. I have higher res versions that you are welcome to use for personal purposes.

All I ask in return is that:
  1. All usage must be non-commercial in nature. Posting to a personal or club web site is OK. Please include a link back to here somewhere in your article.
  2. Please leave my copyright tag in place.
  3. Please be patient with me getting those images pulled and sent to you.
A number of people have asked about purchasing certain images. In the spirit of "free" grass roots events such as TransIowa, The Almanzo 100, and PCL Gravel Worlds, I am not going to charge for any of the photos. If you wish, you can make a Tribute Gift, in the name of TransIowa, to the American Red Cross for any amount you are comfortable with.

For commerical use of any images, please contact me at "stevefuller at gmail dot com"



Courtney said...

I like it. Just don't do any weddings with that price list you be booked solid.

MG said...

Thanks a million for all your time and energy, Steve. It was so cool to see you out there so many times. 'Twas truly a highlight of the event for me.


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Are you heading to DK this year?

Steve Fuller said...

No Dirty Kanza for me this year. I'm rebuilding my base after being off the bike the last half of 2010. I am signed up to do the Dakota 5-0. But I will probably tour it rather than race.