Thursday, January 3, 2013

Trainer time

Two hours of tempo was on tap today. With the temps dropping steadily throughout the day, I decided to use this evening's workout to test out the Real Video portion of my Tacx Bushido trainer. In a nutshell, you load up a course, tell the trainer to use that, and it displays a filmed video of the course and adjusts the trainers resistance based on the course topography. I loaded the The Dordogne course, which is an easy 75km course through the French countryside and set out to pedal for a while. While the overall course profile was rolling, there were plenty of sections of 4 - 7% for short periods that made me get out of the saddle and change gears. I was amazed at how quickly the two hours went. Watching the video (on a big LCD TV), keeping an eye on my wattage, and adjusting to the terrain really made it seem like I was riding (or as close as I was going to get in my basement) It's hard to say this, but if I'm not actually looking forward to using the trainer a bit more this winter, I'm at least not fearing a couple of hours on it if weather dictates. Summary - 2:04:13 at an average power output of 202 watts.

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