Sunday, February 16, 2014

Moving it up a notch

Thursday's scheduled workout was 2 hours at power zone 2, with two 20 minute zone 3 intervals thrown in the middle. This was my first interval workout since my threshold test, and I was instructed to keep the efforts isolated to the low end of my new power zones. Turns out that low end was really close to where my previous threshold range was at. All told, 1:20 of solid pedaling and 40 minutes of "this really hurts".

My Fargo shipped from QBP on Tuesdays and showed up at Rasmussen's on Wednesday. The paint ist starting to grow on me, but I still would prefer all polished titanium. The shop has it put together, but I'm waiting for a few things to get sorted before I bring it home. At this point, I'm not comfortable riding it for CIRREM next week, so it will be a trainer queen for a bit while we get to know each other a bit better. Since it shipped with the Cane Creek suspension post, I had the shop order in a Salsa Regulator post to replace it. It will look better, and will be one less thing that can fail mechanically in the middle of nowhere.

A few random shots of the new ride. Sorry, but I didn't snag any full bike shots (yet)


Fivos Andonopoulos said...

that's an awesome bike Steve. Will we see it at Trans Iowa??

Steve Fuller said...

Ari - The plan right now is to use that as my Ti bike. Hoping to bring it home this week if things go well. I need to start getting seat time on it.