Saturday, May 30, 2015

Some adjustments...

Weird weather patterns the past couple of weeks have seen Colorado and New Mexico receive nearly record amounts of rainfall for the month of May. For Colorado, that means 8" and for New Mexico, 4"+. That has meant quite a bit of snow at elevation and mud where the snow has left off. I've been watching Billy Rice's progress and videors from his NoBo ITT, which he aborted due to snow in southern Colorado and northern New Mexico, as well as that of Tiana Tallent, who has started a SoBo ITT. Based on what I've seen, plus the mid-term forecast, I'm opting to bring some slightly more waterproof gloves as well as some taller, waterproof socks. This might end up being a bit of overkill, but I'll certainly be more comfortable with them than without them.

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