Thursday, July 23, 2015

Tour Divide Cost Summary

I don't normally post about financial things, but I have had a number of people who were curious about the costs I incurred during this year's Tour Divide Race, so I'm going to post this quick summary. 

Days in hotels - 15
Days camping - 9
Food - $1300
Lodging - $1018
Bike Parts / Repairs - $565
Travel to Banff - $362
Misc Expenses - $140
Medical - $85
Shipping - $60

Total costs - $3532

Average cost of just under $150 / day

I had originally planned between $100/day and $1/ mile. Excessive stays in hotels definitely drove the average daily cost up a bit. The hotels in Togwotee, Steamboat, Breck stand out as being especially expensive, and I was only able to split those room costs with others for one of those stays. I had also expected to spend some amount on bike repairs during the race, but the bill in Steamboat added up to a bit more than I expected.