Thursday, May 7, 2015

Tour Divide Preview - Bike and rider repair

The saying goes "You pack for your fears". This is is never more true than when trying to pack spare parts and tools for the Tour Divide. Your sources for bike parts and repair may range from a hardware store that carries the basics, to a full blown bike shop with top level mechanics, to something in between. Access to healthcare is sporadic. There are large stretches where you'll be on your own to repair your bike, or yourself, in a variety of conditions. While you can't afford to pack for absolutely every problem, you can plan for the things that are most likely to happen. Everything else can hopefully be adapted to or fixed when you get to a town.

Spare parts list
  • In Jerrycan
    • Spare Cleat w bolts
    • Brake cable
    • Shifter cable
    • Fiberfix Spoke
    • Spare length of chain
    • Chainring bolt 
    • Misc bolts (4)
    • Vulcanizing patch kit
    • Tire boots (2)
    • Tubeless valve
    • Quicklinks (2)
    • Zip Ties (multiple)
    • Brake pads (2 sets)
  • In Framebag
    • Stan's sealant
    • Gorilla tape
    • Spare tubes (2)
These parts don't take a huge amount of room and should get me out of the most common situations, and maybe even some less likely ones. I will be running my Race Kings tubeless to start the race. I plan on checking/refreshing the sealant at whatever shops I may stop at along the way. Even if my bike seems to be performing well, I may take advantage of a shop just to have a second set of eyes look the bike over. Since I'm not running suspension, brakes, tires and driveline will be at the top of the list of things that will need constant care and attention.

  • In Jerrycan
    • Tireiron
    • Presta/Schrader adapter
    • Multitool w chainbreaker
    • Mini lineman's pliers
    • Small pocket knife
    • Old toothbrush
  • In Framebag
    • Small Rag
    • Chain Lube
    • Lezyne high volume bike pump
    • Plastic putty knife
A small number of tools to allow for field repairs of the most common things as well as daily maintenance. I picked the linemans pliers up in a small pack at a local hardware store. A little more bite than a pair of needle nose, plus I wanted a decent pair of cutters to be able to trim cable and zip ties. 

Health / First Aid
  • First Aid Kit (seat bag)
    • Advil
    • Benadryl
    • Imodium
    • Z-pack
    • Curved needle w dental floss
    • Safety pins
    • Super glue
    • Neosporin
    • Butterfly bandages (5)
    • Alcohol pads
    • Tweezers
    • Gauze pads (3 x 3")
    • Gauze pads (3 x 2")
    • Medical tape
    • Rubber gloves
    • Bandaids
    • Moleskin
  • Framebag
    • Wet wipes
  • Mountain Feedbag
    • Deet
    • Sunscreen
    • Toothbrush
    • Toothpaste
This should cover most of the basics. The curved needle and dental floss is actually packed for sewing up sidewall cuts in tires, but in a highly unlikely pinch, it could be used for crudely stitching me together. The wet wipes will be used for a quick wipedown before bed, especially the seat area, and for other cleanup purposes. They pack flat and can be replenished along the route. I'll keep the used ones in a freezer bag until I get to a place to properly dispose of them. Advil for pain management until I get to a c-store and can buy more. Benadryl for allergies or bad bee/wasp stings. Imodium to try and quell diarrhea if it sets in for some reason. The toothbrush and toothpaste are unnecessary, but a quick brush every two or three days will help me feel a bit more human. 

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