Sunday, May 31, 2015

Tour Divide Race Info

Tour Divide Race Info (for those interested)

I fly from Des Moines to Calgary on June 8th, arrive in Banff on June 9th, and the race starts at 8 AM CDT on June 12th.

Follow the race progress at  -
You will be able to click on any racer's name to follow them, or leave comments on their individual Facebook thread. My track will update every 10 minutes or so. Blue dots for men, pink dots for women. Topographic maps, satellite maps and a bunch more.

Detailed Race Discussion - - Tour Divide Race Thread
LOTS of general race chatter going on here and maybe photos as riders pass through certain areas.

Audio Call Ins - MTBCast Tour Divide Page
MTBCast provides a toll free number for racers to dial into and leave recorded messages for friends and loved ones to listen to. More info on their various listening options.

Happy blue dot stalking. :)

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