Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Packing List

Not that anyone has asked for this, but I figured I would post a list of what I took with me on this first trip as a record for myself and anyone else that was interested. I will start by saying that I packed like I would pack for a week of RAGBRAI and not like I would pack for a three day trip. There are definitely some things on the list that were not needed, but they were also nice to have, or they would be things I would consider taking, so I went ahead and packed them. I did not manage to weigh the bike with everything on it. I will definitely get a weight as I pack up again for RAGBRAI, and try and post it before I leave. 

Some other notes. I had a handling problem for most of the trip. Nothing major, but I would occasionally get an oscillation in the front end at certain speeds or at a certain cadence. I tried tracking this down before I left, and had only narrowed it down to something involving the tent and the sleeping bag. Moving them around didn't seem to make it any better. On the trip, I looked at it a bit more, and I think that I need some additional bungees to hold the tent and sleeping bag to the front rack. The X that I'm currently using allows the end of the rolls to be too loose, resulting in the oscillation and weird handling at certain combinations of speed, cadence and wind

RF - Right Front Pannier
LF - Left Front Pannier
RR - Right Rear Pannier
LR - Left Rear Pannier
BB - Handlebar Bag
TR - Rack Top Bag
TT - Top Tube Bag
BK - Bike

Bike Stuff
Dinotte headlight & battery - BK / - BB
Dinotte helmetlight & battery - TR
Dinotte taillight & battery - BK / - TR
spare tubes x 3 - TR
patch kit - TR
multi tool - TR
water bottles x 2 - BK
chain tool - TR
Iowa bike map - RR
Illinois bike map - RR
printed cue sheets - BB
spoke tool - TR
spare chain links - TR
quick link - TR
first aid kit - RR
zip ties - TR
pump - TR
CO2 carts x 3 - TR
inflator head - TR
bike lock chain - RR
plastic bag for seat - TR
planet bike blinkie - TR
rain covers for panniers - RR
spare bungees - TR
piece of duct tape - TR
spare rack screws - TR
chain ring wrench - TR
chain ring bolts - TR
Chain lube - TR
Light charger - TR
Side cutters - TR

Camping stuff
Tent - RF
ground cloth - RF
rain tarp - RF
poles - RR
stakes - RR
thermarest - RR
chair - RR
sleeping bag - LF
pillow - LF
koozies x 2 - RR
book - LR
petzl headlamp - LR

underwear x 5 - RF
socks x 6 - RF
shorts x 2 - LR
t shirts x 4 - RF
jeans - LR
baseball hat - LR
flip flops - LR
tennis shoes - LR
swim trunks - LR

Bike Clothing
bike jersey x 3 - RR
bike shorts x 3 - RR
bike sandals
arm warmers - RR
uninsulated tights - RR
windbreaker - RR
bike gloves
rain suit - RR

Personal Effects
Towel - LR
washcloth - LR
toothbrush - LR
toothpaste - LR
soap - LR
deodorant - LR
nail clippers - LR
tweezers - LR
wallet - BB
sunscreen - LF
cash - BB
eye glasses - BB
bug spray - BB
toilet paper - LR

phone - TT
phone headset - BB
laptop - LF
laptop charger - LF
camera - TT
solar panel - RR
camera charger - BB
charger adapter - BK

nalgene bottle - LR
granola bars - BB
flask w booze - LR

freezer bags x 2 - RR
plastic bags x 2 - RR


Neve_r_est said...

Steve are those the Arkel GT 54 rear panniers? You had your tent and sleeping bag strapped to the front panniers in compression sacks, right?

I'm still trying to get all my gear shrunk down to fit inside mine. But now that I've got the Xtracycle, maybe I won't have to :)


Steve Fuller said...

Yeah GT54 in back and Samurai in the front. The tent was in the bag that came with it and the sleeping bag/pillow were in a dry sack.

Matthew E. Mooney said...

I was hoping you could tell me what solar panel are you used and what your experiences have been with it?