Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Somewhat boring now

Things are somewhat boring around here now that my bike trip is done.  Commuting to work again. Dealing with impatient drivers, all the normal stuff now. Just not anything that's really exciting.

Gravel grinder on Thursday night leaving from Bike World West. I may get in on that as the Karate Monkey is looking a bit lonely. IMBCS race #5 is coming up this weekend. We haven't had a mountain bike race around here in a long time due to rain and floods. Hopefully I can find some people that want to carpool over. If I can't find anyone to go, I might take a raincheck. It's a long way to drive, and it will take at least a tank of gas plus the entry fees in order to race.

RAGBRAI is just around the corner as well. I am planning on riding out to the start of the event at Missouri Valley and riding into LeClaire. That will make two cross state crossings for me this month.

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