Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cross Eyed

Hit the Witmer Park Renegade Cross on Tuesday night. Not having actually tried cross racing before, it seemed like a good way to figure things out without the pressure of a race. About 25 people eventually made their way to the start line of our impromptu race course. Oakley Rob Versteegh did a good job of laying out the course. Hills, some sand, tight turns, an optional ramp, and plenty of acorns making a good substitute for cobblestones. Pete Basso arrived a few minutes early to give me some quick how to advice on dismounting and remounting and I was off. I had a good time over the 45 minutes of the race, even if my legs were burning. Mounts and dismounts are going to take a lot more practice, but it's a skill that's easily practiced anywhere there's a log or something else in the way. The shop ordered squeezed a smaller chainring onto one of their orders today, so I'll have an easier time riding the hills during Spooky Cross on Saturday (and Sunday). Should be a fun time.

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bluecolnago said...

you looked to be having a ton of fun out there at spooky this weekend! :)