Sunday, October 12, 2008

Saturday trail work

Building stringers

Footers on, and footings dug

Decking on. Ready for approach armoring.

If you see someone you know in these photos, and you ride, hike or walk the Center Trails at all, stop and thank them. A number of people donated a full day of their time to help rebuild and improve Rollercoaster on Saturday. A lot of work was accomplished, including repair or replacement of four bridges, armoring of bridge approaches, improving trail drainage, filling in washouts, and building an entirely new section of trail.


Andy said...

Count 'em, four bridges. You must have been a little dazed from the days activities. And thank you for all the hard work, even though I don't see you in the photo.

Steve Fuller said...

post corrected. Hard to be in the photo when you're the one taking the pictures. :) Odd that the computer nerd can't manage to learn how to use the self timing function on his camera isn't it? :)