Saturday, January 3, 2009

Cold, Icy ride

Taylor Webb and I took off around 8 AM this morning for a gravel ride. I opened the garage door to be greeted by Taylor's smiling mug and a layer of grey as thick as a Londoner's wool coat. After deciding on my ride for the day (the SingleCross) we were off. The wind was out of the east and helped to push us north and east to Woodward in about 75 minutes. We took a quick warm up and food break at the Woodward Caseys and started our push back home. The legs that took us directly east wore on our legs. Thankfully they were interspersed with south or southeast sections, so we had some time to recover. We were greeted by freezing mist about a mile and a half north of Granger. We were riding in the mist or in snow for the rest of the ride. Our last leg back was two miles directly into the east headwind. At the end of that stretch our bikes and bodies were covered in a thin layer of ice. We pulled back into the driveway around 11 AM, with just over 38 miles behind us.

There were a number of other rides going off today at 10:30 AM, Noon and 2 PM. I'm curious how those ended up.

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Webbies said...

had a good time. Thanks for the kick to the junk

beRoK said...

Enjoyed riding w/ you and Taylor on NYE ride (brad, red lemond xbike.) Where do people post their rides? I'm planning on some longer gravel this year and can't find anybody who will ride sub 50*.

Steve Fuller said...

If there's a long ride going off, I'll usually post it here or

That said, yesterday's ride was mainly an email/phone call/facebook organized thing. If we go out on any more, I'll try and make sure you get an email. There's a lot of us riding sub 50, and a number of us putting in a lot of miles on gravel last year (and this year).

bluecolnago said...

what a great day for a ride, eh? it really wasn't too bad up this way, temp wise. the wind sucked going south though. the paved roads would have been good for a longer road ride. ahhhh well. be good.