Saturday, January 10, 2009


This photo sums up today's ride fairly well. Kyle, Taylor, Bruce, Kurt, Jordan, Brad and I left my house around 10:30 AM for a planned gravel ride. Kyle called me at 8 to ask if we were still going. The 6" of snow we received overnight had a few people wondering if we were still going to ride. I had planned on heading out for a ride today, whether it was urban or rolling on gravel. I took a few minutes to scope out the situation just west of my house. The east-west gravel looked great, but the north-south sections were definitely going to take some work to get through. Once everyone arrived, we settled on heading towards Dallas Center to start, and then figuring out our plan from there. We had a NW wind for the ride out. Between the wind, the first shenanigans stop and some mechanical issues, we rolled into Dallas Center around noon. After a quick refuel at the Casey's, we decided to head back. We stopped at the big drift for some additional shots at drift busting glory, most of which resulted in summersaults over the handlebars and into the snow below. We pulled back into the driveway about 1:30, loaded up bikes, had a quick beer and parted ways. 3 hours of easy riding (save for a final push by Kyle, Brad and I), but a lot of fun and good times.


Cornbread said...

Steve, DK200 opened for registration this morning. Get on it! :)

Steve Fuller said...

CRAP!!!! Thanks for the headsup Cornbread. For some reason I was thinking it was tomorrow morning. I owe you a beverage of your choice for the reminder.

Cornbread said... problem man. I'll take you up on that beverage. At the finish line of TI and Kanza of course.

So Leadville this year? First time? Have you ever been there? I've decided to hold off on Leadville until next year. We'll have to chat about Leadville tactics. I made several mistakes when I did it a couple of years ago.

Steve Fuller said...

Gonna send in my entry. First time. First time riding at altitude. I'm open to any advice you have that will ensure that I finish. As far as I can tell the two big things will be to keep out of the red zone and make sure that I keep fed/hydrated. I'm still unsure how a flatlander is going to be able to prep properly for that race. Others around here have done so successfully, so I know it's possible