Sunday, April 18, 2010

Getting closer

Bike is getting closer to being ready. I should have my Thomson setback post in the next day or so and the construction will be complete. Still up in the air on the rack. If I can snag an Ergon BC2 or BC3 yet this week, the rack will stay home. I've double wrapped the drops in order to try and keep hand fatigue at bay. I also moved the hoods down a bit further on the drops so the brakes are easier to reach. Here's hoping the body is ready for what is gonna be thrown at it in a few days.


Mike Johnson said...

Looks good. Hope you get the bag, I picked one up just for TI a few weeks ago. Works well and carries alot of stuff. Not sure about all the weight on the back but I got to try.

Still getting my rig all dialed in. Details, details lots to think about. Now will we stay dry:) I ordered up new rain gear as well, hope it gets here in time.


Travel Gravel said...

Good Luck Fuller! Bring some skinnies! Have a good one. Later!