Sunday, March 31, 2013

State of Instability

I started my last build period for TI this week. Much of the confidence I had in my progress has been slowly replaced by shreds of doubt. A tough workout on Thursday left my legs feeling crushed just following my wife on the bike trails on Friday evening. Today's 5 hour ride was barely longer than yesterday's 4 hour ride. Yes, the wind was a lot stronger and there was more climbing today, but any thing other than steady state efforts really felt like crawling. In absence of any power data TrainingPeaks tells me it was a recovery effort based on my HR. It certainly didn't feel like it. It might be time to quit looking at the numbers.  I'm nervous about not having had any truly big, century plus long rides yet. I'm sure they are coming, but I'm fearing them instead of looking forward to them.

I put the La Cruz in race mode this weekend, mounting the Schwalbe 40c tires, my Schmidt dyno hub, and light, along with a medium sized seatbag for holding a rain coat, some spare clothes, and other things. The bike is heavy and feels like a pig compared to what it was, so I'm rethinking a number of things on that front as well.  

A month out and too many things are unsettled or not right. Not really where I wanted to be at this point.


Iowagriz said...

I had those same doubts last year before my first go at Syllamo, then the rest, peak, rest, race phase came in and my legs were more than ready. Trust in the training and the results will follow.

MG said...

Have peace in the knowledge you aren't alone, and this feeling is normal before TI, or any event of its magnitude. You're on the right track, Steve, and you're riding well. Be confident in that.

Was great to see you yesterday. Look forward to riding with you at TI, brother.