Wednesday, April 24, 2013

TIV9 - Thoughts and Thanks


Well, TransIowa happens this weekend. It's been a long 4(!!) months leading up to this point. I can't really do anything now but make sure the bike is prepped, pack food and supplies, and enjoy the weekend.

Since I'm a bit of a nerd, there's been lots of numbers for me to track leading up to now.

  • 194 hours of saddle time
  • 3156 total miles (Monthly totals of 845, 597, 980 and 735)
  • 182 miles per week average
  • 68000+ calories burned
For whatever reason, I'm not as nervous going into the event as I was for V5 and V6. I still have a very healthy respect for the event. However, I feel that I'm prepared physically, I'm mentally ready to ride hard, and I expect to have a good result as long as I stay on top of my nutrition and can avoid accidents. In the end, it's just a bike race, and whatever happens, happens. 

I wanted to take a moment and mention some people that have or are going to make this whole weekend possible for me.

My wife Kathy, who has once again tolerated the amount of time I spent getting ready for a big race. She hasn't seen a lot of me the last few months, unless she was sitting in the basement with me or, waited for me to get home from an after work ride. She's been incredibly supportive, and she's ready to have her husband back in a few days. 

My coach, JJ Bailey from Zoom Performance. I started talking to JJ back in December and he was excited to help me reach my goal of finishing TransIowa. His coaching and workout schedule allowed me to beat my target finish time at the Dirty Kanza 200 in 2012, so it was only natural to choose him to help me prepare for this. Between these two races, he's taken me to a physical and performance level I wouldn't have imagined I would be at.

Greg, Sterling, Matt, Adam and the rest of the gang at Rasmussen Bike Shop. Always supportive, always friendly, and they have handled my parts requests and questions time and time again this year. I'm incredibly grateful for their continued support, and proud to wear their logo on my back. If you need mechanical work done, a bike fit. or a bike or bike parts, these are the guys to see in central Iowa.

Cindy McGuire at Hands on Sports Massage. I've been a customer of Hands On Sports Massage and Cindy since my first Dirty Kanza 200 5 years ago. Cindy is an active multisport athlete who takes the time know her clients, their training schedules, and how their bodies react to the stresses of training and racing. Cindy has done a great job of keeping me injury free, physically and mentally, this year. If you need sports or injury recovery massage of any type, I highly recommend paying her a visit.

Rob Versteegh at Oakley has been a constance source of support and positive words throughout the past few months. He also keeps all of the local shops and riders supplied with the best eyewear on the planet. I'm very lucky and really happy to be using a pair of Oakley Radar Lock Path eyewear for TransIowa this weekend.

A special thanks to Scot Hoffman, whom I've known, lived with or worked with since 1988. Scot has volunteered to be support crew for me, and two visitors from the UK this weekend. Hopefully this involves nothing more than chauffeuring us to the start, and picking us up from the finish line. Scot went with me to Kansas three years ago during my only unsuccessful attempt at finishing the DK, and it was great having him around for support that weekend. Thanks for giving up your weekend to hang out in Grinnell with us Scot.

Guitar Ted, and all of the volunteers. We wouldn't be out wandering around this weekend if it wasn't for GT. He puts a lot of time, energy, and thought into the route each year to make it challenging and interesting for the riders. I can't thank him enough for doing it again this year. The volunteers at each of the checkpoints make his job a little easier by keeping track of us, handing us cue sheets, and letting him know when people are finished. They have all given up one or more weekends so we can have fun. Thanks to all of them for helping us have fun as well.

Last, but not least, thank you to all of my friends in the Des Moines and IA bike communities for your support this year. Whether it's been a kind word, a suggestion, or coming out and suffering with me for a ride, it's made this entire experience much more enjoyable for me. I am looking forward to some warmer weather soon so we can turn the pedals with a little less anger, while in search of a frosty beverage. 

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