Thursday, September 11, 2008

Camping Trip

Leaving tomorrow morning to ride to CITA's Ales and Trails birthday party at the Whiterock Conservancy. Whipped together a gravel century route to get September knocked out. Riding the same route back on Sunday to get my century count caught up for the Cup O Dirt challenge. As I sit here and type, my light batteries are charging, as is my Garmin 605. I spent about 3 hours getting things ready for the trip and mounted on the bike so I can leave with a minimum of fuss tomorrow morning. I mounted 45mm Panaracer Firecross tires on the LHT for the trip this weekend. I'm going to be very interested in how the LHT feels on a long gravel ride. Based on some shorter runs earlier this year, I think it will handle everything fine, especially since I don't have it completely loaded up. The only question mark for this weekend will be the weather. We've had rain on and off Thursday morning and afternoon, with many of the cells training across the same areas as they cross the state. The roads are going to be sloppy and a lot of work tomorrow, especially coupled with a northwest wind. There is rain in the forecast all weekend, so we may not get much, if any, trail riding in at all this weekend.