Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ritual Taco Ride

With the MTB out of order, I headed out for the Ritual Ride last night. Took the newly cleaned and working single speed out for a change of pace. The ride was a good workout with the rollers and the the climb outside of Walnut Woods Park on the route. Two laps and I was spent after sprinting the hills and trying to keep up with a 46 x 17 on the flats. Made it back to 63rd street just behind the main group and then headed north on 63rd and down into Valley Junction to meet the Taco Riders for beers and tacos at Griffs. Since I arrived early, I had a few minutes to get my one of my shoes out of the pedal and retighten the one remaining bolt that was holding my cleat to the shoe. After a few beers and a couple of tacos, I headed back to the shop with some of the riders and after a short bit of time on the trails, took side streets home.

My new chain ring showed up at the shop today. Kathy went and picked it up for me. Legs were definitely feeling the effects of last nights ride as I rode into work this morning. Sluggish and a bit achy. Gonna take a couple of days off the bike before the IMBCs race this weekend. Maharry's timetrial on Hillside and Rollercoaster. Should be a leg breaking good time.

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