Saturday, September 6, 2008

Tagged - I'm it.

So, Mr Happy Training blog-tagged me. Guess that means I should oblige him (and my other 2 readers) and respond. :)

Where was I ten years ago?

Living in my first house with my wife and son. Working too many hours as a network engineer at a consulting company. Staying up late, drinking to go to sleep, and watching too much TV. 

What are 5 non work related items on your list today?
  • Finish putting the ridge shingles on my shed
  • Replace the middle ring and crank arm on my mountain bike
  • Have the yard mowed
  • Finish the computer wiring in my house
  • Go to the Rasmussen team/supporter party with my wife
What snacks do I enjoy?
  • Ice Cream
  • Fresh peaches
  • An ice cold can or bottle of Coca-Cola or Mountain Dew
  • Peas right off the vine
  • Cashews

What I would do if I was a billionaire?

  • Hire a financial planner I trust
  • Hire a lawyer I trust
  • Change my phone number
Standard stuff
  • Help my immediate family out in a sensible way. Some people wouldn't have to worry about working as they've worked long enough. Others would get enough to lift them out of the holes they've found themselves in, but would have to work somewhere in order to keep receiving assistance.
  • Set up college funds for my son, and the children of my immediate family. 
  • Set up a scholarship fund for students from high school. 
  • Take care of some close friends that I think deserve to have life be a little easier
  • Set up a fund and use the interest from that to fund any charities I felt like working with. 
  • Put the remaining money into a trust, and receive a regular "paycheck" from there to live from. 
  • Ride a LOT more. 
Fun stuff
  • Trips to Italy, Ireland, Japan
  • See all stages of Le Tour
  • Own a lot more bikes
  • House in Aspen, CO
  • House in Ireland
  • Hut in Fiji

Where have I lived?
  • Toddville, Iowa
  • Ames, Iowa
  • Ankeny, Iowa
  • Altoona, Iowa
  • Urbandale, Iowa
  • Des Moines, Iowa
  • Johnston, Iowa

Where jobs have I held?
  • I sold vegetables out of my garden as a kid
  • I mowed multiple lawns as a kid/teen
  • I ran a fryer and made sandwiches at Burger King
  • I detassled corn and walked beans
  • I worked on a well drilling rig one summer
  • I was a computer lab monitor at the College of Business at Iowa State University
  • I was a general laborer and stage hand for a number of years at the Iowa State Center
  • Worked for a temp agency as "someone who knew computers"
  • Took a second job as a night janitor at a Holiday Inn right after I got married
  • Built and sold computers for The Computer Supply Store in Des Moines.
  • Worked evening internet tech support before most people knew what the Internet was
  • Worked as a system administrator for Equitable of Iowa
  • Worked as a computer / network consultant for Networks Inc
  • Have worked as a systems manager / admin for Dice Holdings, Inc for almost 10 years.

I'm tagging Kent, Squirrel, and Justin.


Iowagriz said...

You must be a Powerball player (like me)....that much detail on having a massive amount of money is a sign of thinking about winning the lotto too much :)

BTW - My list is similar :)

Pte Diltz said...

Steve, you have more than 2 readers (grin)...I like your blog, and your -wide- interest in biking.

I like your "billionare" list as well...agree that it sounds like you have been thinking about it for a while.

I live not too far from Toddville.

Sneaky Pete