Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Another great (if wet day)

Tossed a fender on the single speed and rode it into the office this morning. Temp was 32 when I left. so I was on the lookout for ice on the way in, especially on skinny tires. Also was noticing yesterday's ride in my legs. It was very tough to do more than just turn the pedals over this morning. I might need to look into a smaller chain ring on the front, or put the 18t back on the rear for a while. Made it in fine, though I'm sure the people behind me were not happy at points. I figured wrecking in front of them on the ice would not make their morning commute or mine any more pleasant.

My new wheels for the Bacchetta showed up at the office today. A set of barely used Aclass 320DX Tri wheels. 16 spoke front, 20 spoke rear, all bladed spokes. Should be a good thing to go out and do some time trialing on this summer. I haven't decided if I'm going to run the disk cover on the back or not. I'll likely try it both ways and see how it works out. I need to get some tires bought for them and then get them on the Corsa.

Left the office at 5, welcomed by 62 degree weather and 13 mph wind. sending my backpack and the wheels with Kathy in the Explorer, and headed over to Rassy's to talk to Sterling about my LHT build. The roads were wet, and I remembered quickly that I didn't have a front fender. I also forgot that I should not get to close to the main roads when approaching them from a side street. I saw the car coming from my left, but failed to see the large two lane wide puddle that was in front of me. Next thing I see is a large wall of water headed towards me. Soaked, I made my way to Rassy's over the remaining wet streets. Had a good chat with him about other stores around town and the bike biz in general after the store closed and he was working on inventory. He's a good guy with a good head on his shoulders. Left him a with a wishlist of parts to get pricing on for me and that will likely determine how I'll go with the build.

Went from there to poker and movie night. Came outside to another flat rear tire (second slow leak in two rides). Guess this means I'll be inspecting the tire and rim for the culprit this weekend. Also means another trip to work on the lead sled tomorrow.

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