Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Rode the Paramount into work and back today to see how it felt. In one word: NICE. I swear that this bike has next to no drag at all in the chain line. Either Dura-Ace is some sort of black magic, or I need to spend more time on maintenance of my other machines. I definitely need to adjust the saddle nose up a bit more, and then expose a bit more seat post. I kept feeling like i was falling off the front for the short commute. Acceleration was snappy and it was all too happy to cruise along at 20 while on the small ring. I hate to even think about this, but I'm beginning to wonder if the frame is a bit too small for me. Tapped the back of the front wheel into the front of my foot pulling up to the office this morning. Part of it might be not being used to riding a bike with any sort of race geometry. That or my feet are too big. If the roads are dry, I'll take it into the office again tomorrow. New bikes are good for the soul. :)

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