Thursday, March 27, 2008

Yer OUT!!

Went downtown to meet up with folks for the Wednesday night Ritual Ride, which was cancelled. Strike one. Took off for a solo ride and planned on just riding loops at Waterworks park. Half of the big loop is covered in gravel due to the floods last year. Gravel and 23mm tires do not mix. Strike two. Waterworks personnel have not deemed it the proper time to unlock the bathrooms on the large loop. Strike two and a half. Proceeded down the Great Western Trail, with plans to ride to cumming and back to spin my legs out from last nights ride. About a mile or so in, two pieces of glass in the rear tire. Strike three. It's obvious I'm not supposed to ride far today. As I'm finished changing my tube, Dave Lippold rides by and asks if I need anything. I recognize him, call him by name, and he waits for me to get my wheel back in the bike. Rode back with him to the Art Center where we parted ways. Stopped to see our old neighbors, Jason and Carla. Jason is a huge bike geek and wanted to see the Paramount, so it all worked out. Rode back to Ritual, threw the bike on the truck and then stopped by Palmer's deli for a turkey sammich on the way home. Hoping to pick up the LHT today if I get the call from Rassy's. Maybe the potential rain will make the store a little more quiet.

Last day of work today. Will spend tonight and tomorrow getting the KM, and myself, ready for The GRAID this weekend. Took Monday off as well. Will likely need it to recover.

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