Monday, March 10, 2008

One good thing about DST...

is that there is more time to ride after work. 32F as I left the office tonight. Wound my way over to Rasmussen's Bike shop to check prices on a new Surly Long Haul Trucker. It's odd thinking about a second bike from the same manufacturer, but something about the LHT is just drawing me in. Not sure if I'm going to buy a full bike, or build a frame and fork up from scratch. The new bikes are reasonably priced, but I'm not completely sold on how they look from the factory. I'll probably end up getting the frame and fork and putting the parts on it. Colors for this year are blue or olive. I like the olive, which is good because the blue does not excite me at all. Last year's red is really nice, but I can't get that any more. Not that I need another bike, but having something that can haul a ton of stuff is something that just makes me a bit giddy. Taking an extended weekend to go do some bike camping just has some allure to it. Thinking something like this, but in olive, with a lot of black everywhere else. other than the saddle and the handebar tape.

Left Rassy's, stopped in to visit the Mostly Reverend, but he was either not home, or he was passed out from taking too many pain killers. :) Since it was a nice night, I swung through Bike World and chatted with Tom for a bit before heading home. Good 90 minutes of just cruising around town on filled with lead Schwinn Traveller, enjoying the sunshine and the late evening light.

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